This is the page you come to for (hopefully) help straightening my confusing-ness out. (Best of luck to you!)

 Jargon for non-knitters and/or the confused:

~Blocked - Blocking a project helps create a more overall completeness to a project. It helps objects to meet required shapes and dimensions as well as evening out the stitches. Lace projects are most often blocked because the process opens up the stitch pattern allowing the details to become more visible. It also often increases the size while decreasing the density of the project over its whole area.

~BO- Bound-off, meaning that i just finished working it off the needles. The object can be moved and flexed and used. The object, whether a whole project or piece of a project is now independent of the needles. The object is ready for seaming, blocking, weaving in ends or anything else that needs to be done before it can be considered to be a FO.

~CO - Cast On- the beginning of the project by casting on the initial stitches. Official beginning of a project or piece of a project.

~FO - Finished Objects - A knitted project that has been completed in its entirety. It may yet need to be blocked as a whole, but in reference to a sweater for example, all of the seaming, blocking, weaving in ends, and finishing details (such as adding embroidery, buttons, or button loops) would be completed.

~Frog/frogging/frogged - to 'frog' something is to pull all the stitches out and unravel the object. The term comes from someone with a sense of humor who realized that "Rip it, rip it" sounded like 'ribbit, ribbit'. For instance, I made a Star Crossed Slouchy Beret but didn't like it so I frogged it and tried again.

~Lurp- to un-purl something. It's the same as tinking but you're doing it purlwise.

~Ravelry - Ravelry.com is a social networking site for knitters, crocheters, spinners and other fiber lovers. It has a massive database of patterns, yarns, books, and suppliers and provides a place for individuals and businesses to gather and share information.

~Tink - to un-knit something. If you dropped a stitch or miscounted in a lace pattern and you just need to go back a few stitches, you're tinking a few stitches. This is different from frogging, in that it's only a few stitches or rows, where as frogging is usually pulling out a much bigger piece. Like an arm of a sweater...or the whole sweater.

~WIP - Work(s) In Progress - projects that are still in the process of being knitted up.

Other Jargon:

~ Abroadsick - The turn I use to describe a sense of being homesick for somewhere that's not really your home. It's longing to walk around European streets, eat foreign foods, get a drink in a pub, ride the underground, etc. It's missing things that I've adjusted to when overseas. Always strongest when I return to the States after visiting friends but prone to happen at any time.

~ BP - That's me! BP is just a quicker way of saying Barrel Pine. Usually I use it when talking about myself in third person. Ex: Bad BP, no cookies for you!

~MOTL - my own made up abbreviation for "more on that later". I use this phrase in an effort to avoid rants mid post while at the same time trying not to just drop random comments in the conversation at leave you hanging. It implies a story, just one that won't be told now.

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