Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not your average Christmas movie

It's that time of year again. People start thinking about others and what to get them. Sales get steeper and credit card companies start to see dollar signs. And my mother insists on watching as many Lifetime and Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as possible. If I never have to watch another cliche holiday movie it'll be to soon. I've compiled a list of non-traditional Christmas movies for those of you like me, who just want a bit of Christmas in their movie. Here it is:

Leathal Weapon
Bell, Book, and Candle
Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Love Actually
Sleepless in Seattle
The Chronicles of Narnia
Bad Santa
A Christmas Story
Ghostbusters 2
The Holiday
The Lion in Winter
Look Who's Talking Now
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Catch Me If You Can
Jingle All The Way
Life of Brian
You've Got Mail
L. A. Confidential

If none of these makes the holiday blues any more bearable, there's always Christmas episodes for your favorite show. Here's a few of my favorites:

any of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials
Firefly: The Message (not technically Christmas but there's snow and traveling, and gifts)
Warehouse 13: The Greatest Gift & Secret Santa

Enjoy! Be Well!

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