Monday, July 15, 2013

Hats & Heat Waves

I finished my Rosewater hat! It's so pretty and wonderfully soft. It was more of a struggle then I expected it to be, but it was worth it. It's shorter then the pattern calls for row wise, but it's rather large height wise.

Blocking it is going to prove challenging. The lace needs to be stretched a bit to open up, but the ribbing is just perfect for my head. I always struggle to block slouchy hats. I might have to weave some elastic into the ribbing when it's dry.

In the mean time, I've been wanting to knit but this heat is making it difficult. I started a simple top down cotton hat for my Da while sitting in the waiting room at the hospital last weekend. All that's left is to un-do my original k2tog bind off and use a sewn bind off to make the edge stretchier. Then it needs to be washed, and I can hand it off for Da to put a bead on it and wear it. I'll need to start a second one for him soon I think.

Cotton is always a bit hard on my hands, and I tend to avoid it like the plague. In this heat I found as much as I don't care for cotton yarn, it's much cooler to knit with then wool. Especially since there's no air conditioning in my house.

This heat wave can't be over fast enough. I'm looking forward to being able to work on the shawls I started ages ago, and the ones that have been part of my queue for even longer.

What have you been knitting in this heat? Do you favor smaller projects, cooler yarns, or both? Or do you focus on other projects?

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