Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Do I Do With: Eggs

Here's a few recipes for using eggs. I've found links for some interesting ones, but a simple internet search will produce many versions.

Fried (includes over easy, sunny side up)
Eggs in a Basket (or by whatever name you call it)
Hard boiled
french toast
egg salad
veggie fried rice
You can use them to bread meats or make homemade mozzarella sticks
Chocolate chip cookies

New twists on basic:
Eggs in a Basket using hashbrowns

A little more advanced:
Eggs Benedict
Grits with cheese - add an egg in the last few minutes of cooking and whisk the grits to break it up
Pineapple Upside Down Cake (or mango, or strawberry, or peaches, get the point)
Lemon meringue pie
Chocolate Cake
Banana Bread

Might take some practice (but worth the effort):
Custard (this recipe is for lavender custard but you can easily make vanilla custard by leaving out the lavender)
Meringue cookies
Vanilla Ice Cream (or any French/custard based ice cream)

Any suggestions? Do you have a favorite use for eggs? Do you use lots of them at once or just one or two at a time?  Is there something you'd like ideas for what to use?

Next list: Beans. Send suggestions for the next list to teacupsandradios(at)gmail(dot)com or use the contact me form.

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