Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wardrobe Make Over Part 2

After stripping the wood, came filing the worst of the spot and cracks so that it was mostly smooth. A lot of the smaller spots were left to add a bit of character to it. We also had to fill the hole that had been cut out for the key hole since I wanted an external latch instead. I used a palm sander to smooth the parts that had been filled as well as the rough bits and the sharp edges and corners. That was a lot of fun despite the fact that my ears rang for a bit afterwards.

Finally it was time to move on to the next step. Mom and I had been arguing over whether to leave the wood showing and stain it or paint it. She pushed hard for just staining it since she's always been a huge fan of natural wood. But it did have a lot of dents and dings and such, and I was very afraid that it would take that garish yellow color the way the varnish was before I stripped it. So I decided on a lovely color called Dream Sunset - a pretty dusty lavender color.

Dad and I dragged it outside and I spent about two hours painting it. Once it was dry enough to move, Mom and I brought it in the house. It took about a week to fully harden, since I used a latex based paint. It's still a bit sticky, but the semi-gloss is a nice satiny finish.

Since the paint was about as hard as it was going to get, Dad and I decided to put the hinges and doors back on and add the latch. That way during the week, I would be able to take it outside and paint the inside with cedar oil. Then about a week later, after the oil had soaked into the wood, I'd be able to put it in my room and we'd have the room in our living room back. And I'd have a pretty new wardrobe!

I should have known things weren't going to be that easy. The original doors on the wardrobe never lined up. The right-hand door was always a bit higher then the left-hand door. The plan was to fix it when we put it back together. However, when we tried to put the doors on with the new hinges, nothing lined up. That's when I grabbed the tape measure and checked measurements to try to figure it all out. Turns out, nothing ever lined up. The doors were always a bit off. Then hinges were never even. The only thing that was in the right place was the key lock, which must have been added later.

After a lot of confusion and disappointment, we decided the only thing to do was shave the door so the hinges could go in the new spots to line the doors up. The doors were hung and finally lined up! All we had to do was put the latch on. And it was such a pretty latch. Brass to match the hinges, a turn style latch, and with a pretty design instead of plain. But like everything else, it didn't fit.

The door had warped out where the key whole had been used for so long to open the doors. We tried moving it above and below the warped area, but no dice. It needs to be screwed into the door right by the edge, but there's about a half inch over lap where the wood isn't thick enough for the screws.

I've ordered a different latch, and it should be here in the next week or so, and we can try again. With the latch not working, the doors wouldn't stay closed. We had to find something to hold the doors shut. In the mean time, if you read this post from a few weeks ago, then you'll already know what we're using. Or you could look to the right, and see it in the picture. Playing cards. That's right, the doors are being held together by playing cards.

We'll try again when the new latch comes in and see how it goes.

What do you think? Any guesses on what the cards are? (I'll give you a hint, there's three of them.)

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