Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's The Small Things

How can something as small as a pair of scratch mitts drive me nuts? They're tiny for heaven's sake! Okay, sure, there's two of them, but they only take a few hours to make a pair. It's not like I'm making a pair of socks or adult sized mitts. Hell, they fit in the palm of my hand!

And yet, they're driving me nuts. I have a friend who just free knits them till she's happy with them, but she's got at least ten years of knitting experience on me. I need a pattern, and I've tried two separate published patterns. They're both good patterns. I even tried making my own patterns twice, but they're not quite right. 

First I tried the Simple Scratch Mitts by Clair Montgomerie. I tweaked them a bit so they were knit in the round rather than flat and then sewn together. I've found that I put off seaming things together for as long as possible. Example: I finished knitting both scratch mitts back in the middle of April, but I have yet to weave in the ends and sew the top shut on the second mitt. I did the first one in a fit of frustration that they weren't completely done yet before the baby shower and graduation weekend. But then I got frustrated and did other stuff instead. So now I have one finished mitt and one almost finished mitt. I'll get to it eventually. Hopefully before the baby is born. Or at least before he comes home from the hospital. But it lead to my first attempt and a top down pattern that would require as little seaming as possible. Unfortunately, I didn't like that pattern either. I've only got one of these. 

Alright, fine, so I liked the Itty Bitty Mittens by Elsa & Em better. And, okay, I frogged them when I was about half way through, but that was because I some how had lost stitches and things didn't line up. I get frustrated when that happens. So I frogged them and re-wrote a pattern on the spot, and ended up with these instead. 

Alright, so I sort of like the re-written pattern even if it still needs a bit of work. I'm still going to try to make the Itty Bitty Mittens as well. I think the pattern was well written, and will turn out to be lovely if I can keep track of my stitches.  I'm off to try again!

Have you had problems with scratch mitts as well? Or are you like my friend and just knit them free form? What frustrates you about patterns?

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