Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bigger Diamonds Are Better

Let's get real for a second. My brother's girlfriend is having a baby boy in sometime this month. And by a few weeks I mean that she's started to drop and every time the phone rings I panic a little bit. We think there's a fifty percent chance I'll end up being the one driving her to the hospital. She's only been there once, which is one more time then me. When you add the fact that her car is a stick and I don't know how to drive one of those....well, you can imagine it's a bit nerve wracking. To keep calm, I'm knitting like there's no tomorrow, and hoping for more of a late night/early morning whirlwind thing. Then my brother can take her.

Since I'm making stuff for two babies that are due within a few months of each other, I'm knitting as fast as I can, and taking whatever short cuts I can think of. Both baby blankets are being knit in worsted weight rather than sport or dk weight yarn.

The original pattern can be found here. The only changes I've made are to the number of pattern repetitions to compensate for the different weight size.

Bigger Diamonds Are Better (or Diamond Are Forever Baby Blanket in Worsted Weight)

when blocked it's roughly 3 feet by 4 feet or bigger, depending on how aggressively you block

~About 6 skeins of Knit Picks Swish Worsted (100% Superwash Merino Wool, worsted weight, 110 yards) or 500 to 700 yards of some other worsted weight yarn.

Gauge: Not all that important. Knit a small swatch and go up or down in needle size until you're happy with the density of the fabric.


There are two options for and 8 x 9 blanket. 1 - Cast on enough for eight diamonds plus garter border and knit pattern repeat nine times. Or 2 - Cast on enough for nine diamonds plus garter border and knit pattern repeat eight times. I found that the first version was longer, and used less yarn, while the second version was wider and used more yarn.

Version 1:

CO 88 stitches. Follow original directions until blanket is nine diamonds tall. Knit eight rows in garter stitch. Bind off.

Version 2:

CO 98 stitches. Follow original directions until blanket is eight diamonds tall. Knit eight rows in garter stitch. Bind off.

Finish both versions according to original directions.

Let me know if you have any questions about the changes for weights, written instructions, any part of the pattern, or anything else. You can send me a message here, or through email at teacupsandradios(at)gmail(dot)com .

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  1. Can you help me to adjust a worsted weight yarn for the pattern to come out close to a 30 x 30? Maybe with the diamonds this is not possible. I really do not need a 36 x 48 size.
    Do I go up or down in knitting needles to make the stitches larger?

    Thank you for your help.