Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Cat and The Rabbit

This is Harold. He's a bunny. He sits outside my room and eats the plants. He belongs to Maggie. She spotted him one day while staring at birds. They have a sort of love/hate relationship. Maggie loves to watch him but hates that she can't eat him. She's also thrown hissy fits when larger bunnies have come to chase him out of our yard. Oh, and she talks to him when he's outside.

I stepped outside to plant a few daisies (because today is May Day) and found this waiting for me:

Can you see them? This is what Maggie has been doing for the past few days. She watches him eat or sunbathe or just kind of stand there fearfully while chattering at him and trying to lunge through the sliding glass doors.

Here, lets try this again, with arrows.

The purple arrow, if you haven't guessed it, is Maggie sitting on my her pillow. And the yellow arrow is Harold. He was just sitting there sun bathing. Looking all comfortable.

Here's a close up. Isn't he just adorable? I almost regret scaring him into the tulip plants so I could plant daisies. He'll be back though to torment Maggie eat dinner so it's alright. And now there'll be daisies to look forward to as well. :)

P.S.  Today is the first day of May. Make a wish!

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