Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Madness

May has always been a crowded month for as long as I can remember. Mother's day, freshmen orientations and graduations on campus, and this year a baby shower. Did I mention those graduations (a three day event where I helped out for two) and the baby shower took place on the same weekend? It's been a bit crazy lately as you can imagine. I don't have a full post for you right this moment. Instead I have a handful of pictures with short explanations right now and longer ones...when I've caught up on sleep.

I finished it! I finished it! It only took two months, but I've finished the purple baby blanket. That means all of my baby knitting is done! I've been working on baby knits since February. I can finally start something else. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that nobody gets pregnant in the next few months or they're getting hats and booties only. ;)  (PS to E. if you've stumbled across this post: you know I love ya and all since I've been making stuff for your little one for three months, but I'm not making you scratch mitts any time soon. Maybe later but it'll be ugly if I try in the next two weeks.)

Mom's mother's day present, I can finally talk about it! I just have to find time now. I enjoyed the pattern a lot, even if I did a simple seed stitch instead of the designer's textured stitch. I started a bottom up shawl after I finished it, but I'm having focus problems with it so I'm gonna frog it and try a different pattern.

Mango Upside-down Cakes. I've been trying to make this cake for a while. The recipe and I have been having disagreements. The top of the cake is always a really dark brown and the middle is practically liquid. I've made three of these cakes and I always worry if it's cooked through or not. 

My wardrobe! I've been working on it for a while and we just keep hitting snags. I'm in the process of writing everything involved in it's make over, but it's a lot so it might be in parts. Plus as much as I can't wait to tell you, it's not done yet, and I can't wait even more for it to be finished. You'll find out why. And yes, those are playing cards. They're holding the doors closed. It's complicated.

This is the mess I've created on the table trying to be ready for everything. It started last Friday. I'll get to it, I just wanted y'all to know you weren't the only thing I've not gotten to that's on my To Do List.

The cat's aren't worried, so you shouldn't be either. See they'll keep each other company until they can each have their turns on my lap.

How has your month been? Is May a bit of a whirlwind for you, or is it nice and calm? Any body know where to buy a cabinet latch with an eight of an inch offset that'll reach over a half inch or is able to screw in a half inch away from the door edge? ('Cause I don't.) Anyone else sick of what they're knitting and want to start something new?

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