Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wrapped up in a Pink Cloud

When I first started knitting shawls this past fall, I went on a bit of a shawl kick. I had three different ones  on my needles by the beginning of the new year. I started them at different times but finished them all within the same month: a Milk Run Shawl, a 22 Little Clouds Shawlette, and a Lonely Tree Shawl. While they were all triangular shawls, they all had different elements that made them interesting.

I liked how small this, a 22 Little Clouds Shawlette (henceforth known as the 22LCS), was supposed to be. I love wearing my Lonely Tree Shawl around my neck in place of a scarf when I'm going outside. It keeps me very warm, but at the same time it can be a lot of fabric. Between it, my coat collar, and my purse sometimes I had troubles turning my head to see behind me in the car. I wanted something with a bit less bulk. I found the 22LCS and thought it would be perfect. I was excited about a quick little shawl with such a cute ruffle. I thought it would be a nice basic but still feminine accessory.

It really was a quick knit once I got the pattern memorized. The ruffle was a lot easier than the one for the Milk Run Shawl, and I liked the way it sat on the shawl better. I'd read comments somewhere that other people found the ruffle on the Milk Run Shawl to be a bit flat, and if I had finished it before my 22LCS, I wouldn't have thought so. But I finished the 22LCS first, and I could see how it's ruffle was much more...ruffly than the ones used for the Milk Run Shawl.

It was a nice simple ruffle too. The pattern said K1, M1 till the end for the where you start the ruffle. I tried the K1, M1 method using the designer's M1 method at first. While I actually liked her way of making a stitch, I found that it created holes in my shawlette and that was something I didn't really like. So I tinked the stitches I had knit and chose to Kfb for every stitch. It had the same effect of doubling the stitches without the leaving visible holes. It did create a tighter row of stitches, but I can live with that. I knit six more rows in stockinette, and voila! I had a ruffle.

The shawl actually turned out to be a longer triangle than I thought it was going to be, and it was really loose. Looking back, I probably should have gone down two needle sizes for a firmer fabric. Retrospect and all that. The wingspan was about 50 inches across with the center being almost 18 inches deep. I wanted to fluff it up a bit and hopefully shorten it so it would fit better. Because it was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, and machine washable, I threw it in the wash and through the dryer. The wingspan didn't change much more than and inch or two, which is fine. It did loose two inches of depth for in the triangle, which is what I was looking for.

Over all, it was a simple pattern the knit up quick and easy. I'm thinking of knitting it again for a friend. But this time in a fluffier yarn, one that's mostly alpaca, for warmth. I might make the ruffle a few rows longer to make it even more ruffly.

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