Sunday, April 28, 2013

Perks of Being a Jersey Girl

There are days when I can't stand Jersey, and days when I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Saturday was one of those days to be in Jersey. It was Rutgers Day, Ag Field Day and the NJ Folk Festival.

All three events, with a few others all happen on the same day. The New Brunswick and Piscataway Campuses have various things going on on each campus. The University runs a bus between the participating campuses besides their normal-ish buses.

My mother and I have been going for years. Since before the creation of Rutgers Day actually, way back when it was just Ag Field Day and the NJ Folk Festival. The Folk Festival's our favorite, but this year we also made time to make the trek over to Busch on the bus. Don't get me wrong, I love the buses. Loved them even when I was in college at Rutgers. However, we took the Rutgers Day but which went between all of the campuses and was more round about then the usual buses.

We spent a few hours in the stadium, Mom in line for the signing, me sitting in the stands in the shade. We stuck around for a bit of the game, until about half time. The sun got the best of me then and we left.

To be honest, with my pale skin, I've now got layers of sunburn. You can see where my sunglasses kept the tops of my cheeks from being burned when I decided to put them on. Should have brought a hat. I meant to actually, but forgot at the last second. Looks like I've got a soothing face mask in my future. Hopefully I'll remember next year.

Did anybody else make it out to Rutgers Day, Ag Field Day or the Folk Festival? What did you get to do? There's always so much to do and never enough time to do it all.

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