Friday, April 5, 2013

Let There Be Spring.

Every morning, I open the curtain to the sliding glass doors in my room. I didn't used to open the curtains in my bedroom because well...they're big sliding glass doors and I have a small room and I usually get distracted and forget. Lately though, I've been opening them so the room is brighter. Okay, so I've mostly been doing it because Maggie sits on the pillow in front of the doors and whines at me until I do. But it makes the room brighter too!

For the past two weeks I've looked out the window  every morning and seen the daffodil plants. For a while it's been mostly leaves. Just a bunch of green really. Then a few days ago buds started to show up. It was almost time for flowers. This morning, I woke up to this:

Ignore the empty mint pots. They're a source of shame for me.

Do you see that bit of yellow? It's a flower! Not a bud any more, but a flower that has bloomed! I found out yesterday that there were a bunch of blooming daffodils on the other side of one of the gardens. I hadn't been outside in the gardens in a while so I didn't even know they were there. I went out for a quick look, and turned a corner to find:

It's Spring. Seeing the daffodils always means it's Spring for me. It was such a lovely sight that I had to go look for more. So I had a little wonder in our yard then ventured next door to my gran's to see if her's were up. Oh the daffodils. All the daffodils.

There's the ones in our garden that I had to go looking for. The ones in the gardens next to them. We re-did the gardens about seven years ago. In the process, we pulled all the daffodil bulbs out and planted them in a different garden. There were tulips and hyacinths too, but it looks like the squirrels got them. Although, it's early yet, so maybe a few are still growing.

The ones in front of my gran's yard. A handful of bulbs pulled from the many when we were relocating ours and ran out of room.

The 'paper whites' between our houses. They're much smaller than normal daffodils. My brother, grandmother and I planted them one year when I was still in middle school, while my grandfather looked on. Relocated them actually. And then tried very hard to never run over them with the lawn mower.

And then, there's the ones outside my window, which were planted there a very long time ago. Long before I was born. Before my older brother was born. They were planted there so long ago by my grandfather, that they've mutated.

A close up of the daffodil outside my window, almost in full bloom.
This is the part where I remind you I'm from Jersey. The water isn't always the safest in this state. Especially not where I am. So while part of me stares at it appalled that my town's water and soil has done that to a flower over at least the last forty years, the rest of me loves it. My grandfather planted that flower. This past February was the ten year anniversary of his death. Every time I look outside and see these daffodils I think of him. I think about how he planted that flower for whatever reason he had that day. How at the time he was just planting flowers. How today they mean so much more. They're something that helps his memory live on. Something I can look at and say, "My grandfather planted those one day. Just because".

Daffodils tell me that Spring is here. It doesn't matter where I am, I love them because they remind me of my own.  Every year, the first batch of cut daffodils always goes in the blue 'vase'. Technically it's a pitcher. A very old one, with a chip in it. It belonged to my grandfather's sister. She lived in the house we live in now and she helped raise my mother. She really was like a second mother to her. She died long before I was born, some time after the daffodils were planted, but before they mutated, I think.

Yesterday was such a lovely day, the daffodils were out, and it was time for the blue vase.

Let there be fresh cut flowers in our homes. Let there be hope and growth in the days ahead. Let there be days of sunshine and happiness.  Let there be vases full of daffodils and memories. Let there be Spring.

See that smaller daffodil in the middle? That's a paper white.
And those green things next to it? Those buds are my grandfather's.

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