Monday, April 8, 2013

Haaaaaave you met Maggie?

Maggie looking down and noticing
Midnight for the first time
Have you met Maggie? She's the brains of the operation between the two downstairs cats. She likes to sleep on a pillow that sits on a table in my room. I'm sorry, Her room...I just sleep there. The pillow was not originally for her, but I know better now.

Maggie is the one who taught Midnight that victory howls were acceptable. She taught him to look up when walking through a room. That way he'd see her coming when she threw herself off of high surfaces onto his back. She taught him how to hide fresh catnip and how to enjoy it after it has been properly aged. She taught him that blue sparkly puffs are fun, and that if he can't secure breakfast for the two of them at a reasonable hour he looses his sparkly puff privileges.  To her. Which is much better than her old method of beating him up loudly while we scrambled to feed them faster.

Maggie is prone to all kinds of silliness and getting into trouble. She's also very good at getting her brother blamed for it. And then sitting on your lap and begging for cuddles. It's become an almost nightly event that she runs around the house acting  - excuse my language - all kinds of bat shit crazy, then calmly walks over to my chair and sits on me. No matter what I'm doing. If I'm working on my laptop she'll sit on that too. I'm still trying to keep her from just sitting on my hands when I'm knitting.
Don't mind me. I'm just sunning my butt.

Today, I looked up from my chair to find her sitting in front of the TV sunning herself. Our TV sits on two dresses, about four feet off the ground. It's not all that easy for her to get up there, but she still manages from time to time. I don't know why I'm surprised. We know she can get up there. It's why we have to keep finding new places to hide her toys. I think I was more surprised by the way she was sitting. The only pictures I was able to take were fuzzy, but you can still just make her out. She's in the center of the frame.

A clear picture of her sunning herself in front of the TV
She turned around when she saw I was holding my camera. She's not fond of pictures, it's why most pictures of her are taken when she's sleeping.

Maggie loves to sit in the sun. Even in the middle of summer (fyi - we have no air conditioning) she can be found stretched out in a sun beam. She'll even move stuff out of her way so she can sit in a sun beam. 

I guess the most surprising thing about her sitting in front of the TV sunning herself was the fact that she was clearly up there just for that purpose. She didn't end up there after fighting with her brother. She wasn't tracking down a toy that was hidden behind the TV. And she wasn't on one of her weird exploring moods where she climbs on everything she an reach just because she can. No, she'd climbed up to where the TV was, just to sit in the sun. It was where the sun beam was, so clearly that's where she needed to be. I don't even think she was cold. 

And for your (and my own) entertainment, here's a picture of midnight protecting himself against the blue sparkly puff. With my shoe. You know, in case it decides to charge him or something. 

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