Friday, March 15, 2013

Victory Howls

I'm going to tell you up front, this is a post about my cats. Well, one of them. If you're a dog lover, hate cats, or are a bird person....go read somebody else's blog for today...

We have three cats, Toby, who stays upstairs all the time do to his limited mobility and Maggie and Midnight, who roam pretty much everywhere other than what we've started calling "Toby's room".

Around four am this morning, I wake up to the pitiful cries of Midnight as he wandered around the house. At four am. What in god's name could be so important at four am that he's crying? And why is he walking around the house? Is he sick again?

"Midnight!" My sleep muffled yell was met with silence and I hoped that would be the end of it. Sometimes he just likes to walk around the house practicing his pronunciations of "Hello", "need help" and "I'm here". I kid you not. Maggie does it too, and I've caught Toby doing it when he thinks there's nobody home.

Nope. Midnight came running back into my room and started crying again as soon as he'd crossed my doorway. He walked right up to the side of the bed and gave a sort of chirp followed by silence. Then he just walked out of the room.

Of course I panicked and turned on the bedside lamp and swung over the side to find slippers to see what's wrong. What do I see?

take on with my cell phone when I could have been sleeping
Low and behold, he's left his sparkle toy next to my slippers. The crying that woke me up out of a dead sleep? It was his victory howl. He wanted to share his 'capture' with me. I can't tell you how glad I am it wasn't a mouse or something else that was once living.

The toy was still there when I got out of bed to start the day this morning but it was gone by the time I came down after a shower. It had been dragged into the living the living room by one of the furred ones at some point between awake and shower. It's disappeared since then, but I have a feeling there'll be more victory howls in my future.

Oh the joy. At least he makes a decent foot warmer when he's not too stoned on catnip to walk straight....or busy chasing sparkly puff balls...

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