Friday, March 22, 2013

My Week In Retrospect

Maggie getting into trouble
while we wait for the glue to dry

This week was Spring Break at my alma mater. Do you know how weird is it to say that? Even weirder is that it's the first time in my life I didn't actually have a Spring Break of my own. But that's what happens when you graduate college and stuff. Anyway...Da and I were home this week. Made it more interesting than usual.

~We built put a rocking chair together! I've been wanting one for a long time. It's going to be great for my back. Now I just have to find somewhere to put it so I can rock and knit while watching movies.
~I pulled one of the runners out of alignment the next day and it had to be glued back on. My father lovingly pointed out that it's not the first rocking chair I've broke in my life. (Thanks Da.) He's fond of the story about the time I broke one when I was a kid. I fell backward and cracked my head so hard on the tile floor he thought I'd died (I was just stunned). 
~Da didn't think there'd be a problem with us both being home all week together. Don't worry I proved him wrong.  He actually said, "We need a break from each other" on Wednesday. I kid you not. I'm oddly proud. :)
~DO NOT break a (full) liter bottle of olive oil. It's no fun to clean up.  Took an entire roll of paper towels, a broom, a vacuum, a bottle of Simple Green, and almost an hour. Which leads to:

~Midnight is a putz to the very core of his being. He kept walking through the mess while I yelled at him. (Alright that's not new, but he really drove it home this time.)

Cell phone pic from
dressing room
~I like polka dots! I've denied it for years but then I found this dress at Kohl's and I've given up pretending. This brings my total up to three polka dot dresses that I own. I could deny it with two, but not three. I'm embracing my love of polka dots (and hoping Mom doesn't rub it in).
~Money has been tight for a while, but this dress was totally worth it. IT HAS POCKETS!!!!
~I also bought the cardigan which is big for me. It's the only white thing I own! 
~I also found these dresses at Old Navy and I have to say that even though they aren't polka dot and they don't have pockets, they are equally amazing. I got black and green, and I have a feeling they're going to be staples in my wardrobe. 
~I'm seriously loving the new trick I learned from Putting Me Together, of tying a shirt over a dress to create different outfits. I threw tied a simple purple shirt over a 'bang around the house' dress and added a cardigan and really really really loved it. Check out outfit # 9 in this post. She mentions a whole bunch of other ways to rethink your closet in Part 1 of her Building a Remixable Wardrobe. You can read the whole series here. I've gotten a lot more out of my clothes and I've been pickier about buying new ones since I've been reading her blog. (I like to think I look more put together (pun not intended) as well).
~I love hand writing letters to people. I even went and found some new cute (and cheap) stationary at TJ Maxx the yesterday. It's got...well I still have to mail out letters with it, so I don't want to spoil the surprise for those who get them. They're pretty, that's all you need to know.
~Wednesday was the first day of Spring and I can't wait for warm beach weather. 
~Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has inspired me to be more confident and courageous when making choices about my body.  She's helped change my whole out look on my body. Seriously. I've been think about looking for a bikini. As a US size 20 who hadn't had a bathing suit of my own that fit until two years ago, that's a big change for me.

And finally (on a more light-hearted note):
~Da and I made Blueberry Orange Walnut muffins today. Made our own recipe for them too. :)

How was your week? Find out anything interesting about yourself?

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