Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blocking Bunnies

I'm knitting things for two babies. I've been working all of it since the middle of February. They're both due over the summer. About a month a part, so I've been working on them whenever I get the chance. My hands have been bothering me since this summer. They get stiff and are slow to move sometimes. Makes me feel old. They'll be better when it warms up, and I'll be able to really get going on the blankets. 

Today, I took time to block all the pieces for the two stuffed bunnies I'm making for the kids. Each bunny uses three different colors. That means six different colors in total. Six different bowls for four body, two inner ear, two outer ear, tummy and scarf pieces. It wasn't a lot for each color other than the body color, but I still had to do all of the colors separately in case the colors bled. So off I puttered to scrounge up six small containers and a gallon of warm water. 

It was actually kind of pretty when I had it all set up with the pieces each in their bowls. All the different pieces separated by color rather than bunny part. Made it look all nice and clean. 

After pausing to take pictures, since it was too pretty not to share,  I added wool wash and warm water.

Then I went to find a towel and put my blocking boards together while I waited. I'm not very good at the waiting thing to be honest, but I managed to be patient while they soaked. They reminded me a bit of dying Easter eggs when I was a kid. Somehow they're even prettier soaking then just sitting in water. 

I managed to fit them all in one towel to ring them out. I did have to re-use a bowl (after I emptied it out) to quickly soak the last bootie/slipper I have to sew up. I'm hoping it'll be easier to seam  if it's flat rather than all curly. 

Then came the tricky part: pinning everything down. Everything was going great. I had four bunny bodies pinned down. The tummies and scarves were good, and I was getting started on the ears when I started to notice two very important things. 

First, it was going to be a puzzle to make everything fit on the boards. Sure I could pull out another board or two and not have to worry about it, but I was trying to fit everything on the six boards I already had out. I'd taken so long to pin everything that things were starting to dry and I could see a noticeable difference between how much the first bunny body and the third (and fourth) were stretching (not as much). 

However, the second and most important problem was with the pins. As in, I wasn't sure I would have enough.  And then it happened. I RAN OUT OF PINS! I went through three containers. Then I found my pin cushion and cleaned it out. I frantically searched through my room and craft supplies. A small container of pins that I didn't know I had was all I managed to find. By then I was down to the last two outer ears and the one green slipper and I'd be done. Guess what happened then? I ran out of pins. Again. 

How I ran out of pins I don't know. Up to now, I've run out of yarn, blocking boards, table space, and I've run out of room in my yarn stash cabinet. Okay fine, that last one was bound to happen eventually. I just didn't think I'd run out of pins while blocking parts for two stuffed toys. What I do know is I feel a bit like a failure for it. I'll get over it soon enough. In the meantime, I'll have to pick some more up the when I'm out. Or block one bunny at a time from now on. 

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever run out of something while working on a project? Or do you always have enough pins, yarn, space, etc.?

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