Monday, February 25, 2013

Color Coded Knitting Needles

I was on Pinterest the other day when I came across this pin which originates from this blog. My first thought was "that's so stupid". Then later that day I was looking for my size seven bamboo straights and I remembered this pin. Suddenly, I could see the brilliance behind it. There'd be no more digging through my needles to try to find ones the same size. I'd be able to find matching needles much easier.
I traced the pin back to the blog and read the instructions. Then I pulled out my nail polish and started picking out colors.

Then I was matching colors to sizes. For instance I pulled out all of my size nine bamboo straights so I could paint them all the same color. 

Here's a before and after picture with one coat. They're kind of fun to paint, I just have to go slowly. 
You can see the difference. Once all the sizes are color coordinated I'll be able to find matching needles quickly and with a lot less frustration.
After painting each needle end with one coat of polish, I added them to the cup I was using to dry them. I've only finished a few because I worried there'd be too many to keep them from touching. I'll let them dry overnight and see if they need a second coat. I'm looking forward to rainbow colored needles. 

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