Monday, November 7, 2011

Another moment of zen

in the time before chaos
there's that moment of peace
that everyone craves
and everyone seeks

Thursday I have a presentation to give, and from there the next month is constant race to finish papers and essays and such until the first week of December, at which point I'll panic about final exams. I'm telling you now, just in case. You know why.

Things are getting comfortable here. I don't feel like I'm almost in a free-fall quite as much. Figures that it would happen when there's only six weeks or so here. I'm okay with that though. Today feels a bit like a reflective kind of day, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum. 

I spent last week or the week before that (I'm not quite sure) writing out cards to send to people. I'd forgotten how much fun it can actually be to write a letter to someone. It's not the same as writing them an email. You expect to instantaneous response, if you expect one at all. It was nice to actually feel the pen glide across the paper, to slide the card in the envelope, and add it to the growing pile. And when you're done,  each one representing someone that you know cares about you and you them, to feel the pile of cards to people slip though your fingers one at a time as you put honest to god real stamps on them. I hope I do more letter writing when I get home. It can be a bit soothing. 

Pictures are posted from the tour bus, in a previous post, but I wanted to remind y'all that the album will be updated through out my time here. I've since added some pictures taken from a classroom window one day. I also have pictures of the Kelvingrove Museum that I have to post yet. I tried to put them up the other night, but it just wasn't working. They'll be up soon though. I might wait till after I get to the GOMA, because I have a feeling I'm going to love it, I just have to make myself go in...

It's starting to get a bit chilly here, but I kind of really like it. It feels and smells like winter. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll just want to be warm again, but for now, I'm truly enjoying the bite of cold in the air. Smiling about it, and feeling a bit nostalgic. There didn't really seem to be a fall here, or not in a sense of what a fall means to a Jersey Girl. The weather since I've been here has been fall weather, but it started to early for it to feel like fall weather to me. For almost two months, there's been fall temperatures, and the occasional bone chilling wind, but the leaves didn't turn, there wasn't this sense of time passing. 

Then this morning I wandered outside, and suddenly my breath was coming out in little puffs of steam, and there was a haze on the ground. This weather, this weather, it makes me feel like a little kid again. All day when I was outside, I had this sense of wonder. That anything could happen today. It was almost like that moment of bliss when it snows. I could wander around the city here in a bubble of peace and contentment in this kind of weather. I did for a while too. Today was the kind of day where silence didn't matter. The simple act of being was more than enough. These are the kinds of days that remind me why I'm here, to simply be. They remind me to smile at the little things, and not worry about tomorrow's problems that haven't happened yet, because they will happen soon enough. For just a little while, the problems of tomorrow and the pains of yesterdays don't matter, all that matters is the here and now and the fact that I can feel the cold against my cheek and the breeze in my hair. For now, for a few stolen moments, I'm just a girl, walking down the street in a pink rain coat, singing along to country songs, and smiling the whole time. 

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