Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well that didn't take long...

As many of you already know, I've landed in Glasgow, Scotland. I got here on Sunday and managed to find my way to my dorm, get settled and find food before passing out across the bed after over 36 hours of being awake. I can't tell you how annoying it is to not be able to sleep on a plane. 

I ended up sitting next to two older women who were entertaining for most of it thought. The three of us tried watching Bridesmaids on the OnDemand flight TV system before the system failure forced the pilots to restart the computer. Let me tell you, words can not describe either the panic the induced by hearing the words 'systems failure' come out of the pilot's mouth or the all encompassing relief that come with the subsequent words 'of the entertainment system'. We'd only been in the air for like twenty minutes at that point. 

Anyway, these two older women and I tried to watch Bridesmaids. If you never seen it, then this won't make sense. If you have, do you remember the opening scene? I unfortunately will forever have it burned into my brain...along with the image of those two women giggling like freshman sorority girls. Alas after the reboot, I gave up, there was no way I was watching that again with those two women next to me.

Anyways I've been here since Sunday. As you can see (or read rather) I'm still alive. I managed to land and get on the bus with no problems, only to get into town and be told that they've closed the city center for traffic due to a marathon. What should have been a 5 minute cab drive turned into 15 minutes, with a lot of apologies on the cabbies behalf, who fortunately for me only charged me five pounds...who I just realized I never tipped him. Buggers. I can't believe I did that. Excuse me while I smack my head on the table repeatedly. I have better manners than that, I swear I do.

I've found a food source - ie a food store along with a few other places. This is a great city for feeding my shopping addiction, let me tell you....or it would be if I ever went into any of the stores. Anyways, I wandered down to Sauchiehall Street on Sunday, one of the three biggest shopping streets in Glasgow. I walked around for a little while, and turned around and stopped in a Primark ( which will forever be a Pennys to me, for some reason, and no, not a JC Penny's), a Dunnes and a Marks & Spencers

Since I had just landed...oh five hours ago, I was forced to buy *sudders* pre-made food, something I've been forced to do since then. There's supposed to be pots and cooking supplies and such, but we're missing a few the three pots we were promised....and the trash can...but on the upside, there's three horribly blackened frying pans, a full set of silverware, and the world's most disgusting can opener. If the housing people are reading this (highly unlikely), I'll pay for a new one if you burn the old one. Just make it go away. It's been four nights, and I just want real food. I want pork chops with mashed potatoes or pasta with spinach and butter and garlic and ricotta cheese. Mmmmm....

Things have started to pick up a bit. Orientation stuff started on Monday. I went to all the important stuff. Really I did, I just skipped out on the socializing stuff. We all know I'm not good with that stuff. Unfortunately, I also missed out on the bus trip to Inverarary this morning. I woke up ten minutes after the bus left. I set an alarm the night before and I don't know if I slept through it or it didn't go off, either way I don't feel as jetlaged as before, so I guess that's a plus. I took today to wander around and pick up some basics again, like hand towels and washclothes and stuff. Speaking of orientation stuff I have more tomorrow, so I'm just gonna wrap this up and head to bed I think. 

I'm sure you're all sitting there wondering, "But what is Scotland like?" Well let me tell you. It's cold. Well not really, it's only about 62°F or 16°C...and Monday it was 42°F/5°C when I woke up. It's a complete shock to your system when you spent Friday lounging in the sun on the beach in 87°F/30°C weather. Complete. Shock. I'm cold. I'm cold. That's saying something.

Okay, so we've done the respectable thing and talked about the weather. Now for the really juicy stuff. I figured out how to ride and navigate the subway, or 'the clockwork orange' as they call it here, all by my little ole self. I'm quite proud of that actually. But the damn thing's tiny, in all direction. I looked at it and my first thought was, okay really, where's the train? Somebody who was really really really tall, like say 6'10' would probably hit their head on the roof of the car (that means, dear brothers, that you shouldn't stand up too fast in certain spots of the car if you're ever here). I found out that if my roommates suck, something I really don't think is going to happen, there's at least a possibility of a room change, something that was not possible last time, so I feel much calmer about them....well that and I've met them and they seem nice to me. The cabbie taught me to say aye, and wee. I was able to text my friends in Dublin without having to calculate time differences, but now I have to do it to call home so I guess there's no way around figuring out time changes. Lol. I slipped back into saying things like, "Oh no, you're grand. Cheers though" with surprising ease, almost without realizing it. Um, I think that's it...Oh, yeah and it took me less than six hours in Scotland to come across a cute guy in a kilt. ;)

Okay I really think that's it. Time for bed. Till next time, do things I wouldn't do. ;)

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