Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Weekend

So where have I been for the last week or so? See I have this thing called class that I have to be awake for and attend. It really cuts into my wandering and sightseeing...and sleeping. But hey, what can ya do? ;)

The following is a post I wrote last weekend but was too distracted to edit together till now. I'll write up a new one later tonight or tomorrow if I have the chance. Anyways, here it is:

This, my dears, is George square named after King George III himself if I recall correctly. The center piece of this space is held by a column topped with a statue of yup, you guessed it, King George. 

Well no actually it's Sir Walter Scott. No really Walter Scott. I'm not kidding this time. Apparently they weren't too pleased with dear Georgie after he lost the American War of Independence and decided they liked Scott better.

 The square is mostly Astroturf for walking grounds with statues scattered in all corners and sides. There are small little groups of plants to help make it feel more park-like in the middle of the city but for the most part what was once probably a green park has become more of an urban park. There's still lots of space and benches and landscaping and of course pigeons begging for food, but the entire square screams city. The buses and traffic can be heard and seen from all sides but it’s a decent place to gather with a small group and hang out and talk.

This weekend Glasgow is holding an event called 'Open Door Days' which means there's tours and buildings are open to the public. Most of the museums are open longer and still free in. It’s still a way of encouraging people to come out and see things. 

This building is the Gallery of Modern Art, or the GOMA. Can you see the little orange thing floating in the middle of the picture? It’s a traffic cone. That doesn't make it spectacularly interesting I know but look closer. It's not really floating in the picture but rather sitting on top of a statue of the Duke of Wellington. Personally I think he looks a bit like Abe Lincoln, but that's apparently just me. :/

Every evening the city sends someone down to take the cone down and every night someone climbs back up and puts it back. This, my dears, is called coning the duke and has become tradition here in Glasgow and is apparently a recognized and expected part of Glasgow. And no, I haven't coned the duke...yet ;)

So that my dears was yesterday. Today is a whole new ballgame apparently.
I've taken to standing in one place or sitting somewhere and just absorbing the area around me from time to time. Right now I’m waiting for the pipers from last week to start up again. It’s comforting to find them in the same spot as last week.

One last thing before I wander back into town. There's this really cool store on the corner by the GOMA called All Saints Spitalfields. Well I'm assuming the store is really really cool based on their window display of antique sewing machines. It's amazing! Walls of sewing machines. Walls and walls. 

Here's another angle of a different side wall:

See the pinky thing in the bottom right hand corner? That's me in my lovely new mac. Wave. Say hi. Now realize you look odd waving to your computer screen. And more importantly, realize nobody really cares that you talked to an inanimate object...well at least not this time and not much. Just watch for the men with the funny looking white coats and remember, if it comes to that I’ll come visit and bounce around the padded room with you for a while 'm'kay? :P

Well that's all for now. Anybody want to bring me up to date at what it's like at home? I've been here three weeks, and somehow it's harder to find out about home this time. So, any news? Anybody?

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