Sunday, September 11, 2011

I know, I know!

So the one thing everybody's been asking me for the most part, is where are the pictures? Yeah...about that...they're coming. I swear. And don't you dare say, "So's Christmas!". I'm bad at that whole remembering to take pictures to share with people thing. I have been working on it though! I was going to wander around and take pictures to share with you today, but that didn't work out as planned.

See I bought these cute boots back in the states. Now before you roll your eyes, they're practical too. And no, not in a Clueless high-heels-in-the-sand kind of practical. I'm talking about the kind of practical where they're lined with fake sheepskin to keep my feet warm, they're not going to get ruined in the rain, and they have no heel at all so they're comfortable kind of practical. They are, however, brand new and gave me these wonderful things called blisters on the backs of my feet. Why am I telling you this? Because my dears, I didn't go out as planned today in-order to give my feet a rest, and help the blisters heal. It seems like every time I went out they got worse, so they needed some down time. Oh, and I got to sleep in a bit as well, but that's another story altogether. :P

I did get to wander around for a few hours yesterday. It reminded me just why I love a massive purse. Sure, the damn thing's big, and can get a bit heavy, but really, it can be such a wonderful thing! Take yesterday for example, my wonderful, huge bag held all of the necessary items such as chap stick, a wallet, kindle and a local map plus paperwork I needed to have for something, a scarf, a light zip-up hoodie, and the lovely raincoat I'd just bought, and still have room for the CD from the pipe band (yes that means bagpipes)  busking on Buchanan Street. :) Oh how I missed seeing buskers on the street. In Dublin there was this guy on Grafton Street who made his own electric guitar out of a big metal can that always made me smile at his inventiveness. Or the guy who'd sit up on Henry street and play the violin. I walked past a few buskers on Saturday, some old, some young and had a moment of feeling like I was home.

I don't have much news for you guys, but I thought I'd check in anyway. I forgot to tell you, mostly so my mother wouldn't panic but what the hell she'd find out at some point, I've already been in my first mishap on the subway. It was Tuesday I think, when the train had a power failure and stopped. We were only there for a few minutes, but still I feel better for having gotten it over with already. :/

Since being here, I've learned several interesting things I might as well share with you guys. Sauchiehall Street for one, is pronounced more like Socky-hall Street. Byres Road is Buyer's Road. Short hair? I mean hair that's long enough to notice when it's wind blown but too short to easily pull back off your face? Not always fun in a windy city...well not if you want to be able to see without constantly having to move it out of your face. Purple hair, even just small pieces, combined with a nose piercing get you stared at...Or maybe that's just me...either way it makes me feel a bit squirrely sometimes. Especially since I've seen women older than my grandmother with purple hair, and I don't mean little pieces like I have, but a full head of purple hair. Or orange. Or blue.

As previously mentioned, a massive bag is a godsend. The fences they put up for blocking off sidewalks? Yeah, like to grab open jackets or headphone cords. The crosswalk signs don't make noise here like they did in Dublin, and I didn't realize how much I'd come to expect them till one made noise and I felt homesick. The subway is really, really loud. And the phrase, "they're giving them out now" doesn't actually mean "they're giving them out now". I'm still waiting on pots and pans and the like. Oh well, soon hopefully. I'll find out a better time line when I tell them my heater is broken...hmmm that sounds vaguely familiar...

Okay, that's all for now. Till next time, do things I wouldn't do. ;)

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