Friday, July 22, 2011

Did I do that?

So I said I'd be back shortly and then disappeared for several months....Isn't that just typical blogger behavior? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Either way, I'm sorry for my absence...if you're still here that is. It's been so long, and there was only that one post that was probably don't even remember who I am...How about an update?

First off, as is typical, most of my plans for going places this summer fell through. Salem, where we were supposed to go in May for my birthday (which is in April *wink wink*) didn't happen. We got so far as picking out where to stay and starting to figure out rooms and just before we tried to book a room it all fell apart. Family problems and miss-communications of a sort....yeah let's go with that. Looking back I feel like I should have seen it coming, but I was being naive at the time and letting myself believe it would happen. I've started to learn my lesson on that one, as you'll see later.

Atlantic City? I'll give you three guesses. Bet you probably only need one - it didn't happen. I actually put the kibosh on that one. It was raining a lot. Who really wants to walk around the beach in the rain? We said we'd reschedule it and we did....and then we went to Trader Joe's instead. Picked up some truly wonderful wine and some crazy wine. We even still have a few bottles of it left. I actually enjoyed that fall through. Don't regret it at all....well except for missing out on my first time gambling in a casino and a chance to have Steele's fudge. Okay, so I'm more saddened by the lack of fudge than the gambling, but we'll keep that between you and me, 'm'kay? ;)

Philly, NYC, and Lancaster also didn't happen, but I didn't really expect them too. They were more of a 'tack them on to the bottom of the list so even if we don't get there I can say that we crossed a few places off my list and still have something to look forward to' kind of thing. I'm cool with it though. I'll get there someday. Plans are being drawn up for a potential move to Philly anyway so I'm really not all that disgruntled.

New Hope. We actually made it to New Hope! Are you as surprised as I am? It was a fun quaint little town. I found Bath Junkie while I was there. It's this great little shop where they'll color and scent (or in my case, not) bath products to order. It's great for people who want to create their own scent or for people like me who can't actually wear perfumed things easily. Don't get me wrong, perfume makes me feel all kinds of girly and wonderful, but me da, well, scents tend to send him into coughing fits, and to avoid it I just stopped wearing perfume altogether. Some scents I can get away with though, and I'm thinking if I ever make it back I might go for a rosemary scented body lotion. I've come to love the smell of rosemary. :)

So even though I've only gotten to really one of the places on my list, I still had fun. I'm still wandering around a bit, and I haven't given up on traveling, I'm just readjusting the plans. For instance: mini golfing in Point Pleasant - not really my thing btw, but still loads of fun all around. I'm spending time with friends when I can, but I mostly spend a lot of my time either home relaxing or at work.

Now, for the part you really want to know all about. Glasgow. Yeah...It's complicated... I'm working out the details and every time I feel like I'm one step closer to getting there something shoves me two steps back. My Orientation packet came in the mail this week. I'm having issues figuring out funding everything. Da says we'll figure it out, but I worry about it anyway. I've said "if I go to Glasgow..." for a while, but this month, I started saying "when" instead, and now I'm back to "if". Maybe if I say if instead I won't get my hopes up and it won't be as bad if things actually don't work out, you know just in case, because 'an adult has a back-up plan'... Whatever happens, tickets are booked, excursions are being worked out, I bought a working laptop for better communication opportunities, classes are pre-approved, and housing is assigned if not paid for yet. Things are going okay, I just have to stay calm. I'll be some point. Till then, do things I wouldn't do. ;)

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