Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's complicated...

So, for some reason, you've stumbled across this blog (or maybe you were given a strong push), and you're now wondering what exactly it is. Well, it's complicated. I know what I want this to be, whether it will be or not, only time will tell, but we're in this together you and I, so you pull me up when I slip, and I'll pull you up when you slip.

But what is this? Well, I spent four months in Dublin, Ireland last year. I tried to chronicle my travels in another blog, but it was hard to find ways of writing about things so they wouldn't come back to bite me later. Since I've been back, I've started to care less, but those girls (henceforth refered to as the terrible trio, t3, the trio, those bitches girls, or my last roommates) should have been given a piece of my mind. I was nothing but respectful to them, even if I didn't like them. I caught doors before they slammed, I shared food if asked, I walked quietly when I game home around midnight, I washed my own dishes in a timely manner, I stayed out of the way when they had people over, and I tried to reason with them. And what did they do for me? Don't get me started, I'm already wound up. If you know me as an actual person (not just as the mind behind the words) then I'm sure you've heard me talk complain whine rant bitch about the terrible trio I lived with in Dublin. In all fairness, I was not what they wanted in a roommate either, but I was at least willing to compromise, they were not.  More on that later (motl).

What does that have to do with this blog? Well, I kinda got used to composing things in my head. Blog posts mostly, but occasionally other the kitchen timer speech (motl)... Anyhoo, I would walk around coming up with things to say, I'd take pictures with intentions of posting them with captions and stories, like this one, which should have the caption "Even dogs go to the Vatican on Sunday!" I love this picture. Sometimes even if I started the way I intended, they never turned out quite the way I wanted them too. Now that's not to say that they never turned out the way that I wanted them to, but they, like this one, took on a mind of their own, and wandered off track. I'm bad at putting things back on track at the same spot I wandered off at, I usually just make a random turn, and find my way to my destination eventually. I made my peace with that fact years ago, even if it drives some crazy (read: my mother).

Yes, but what's the point? Well, I kept up with the Dublin blog to the best of my ability at the time...which is to say not very well. I wasn't consistent with posts, I broke promises to keep people informed, and most glaringly, I disappeared from the blogging world for two months. It was a bad time for me in many ways and yet I made some truly wonderful memories with friends, but every time I got back to the room, this mantle of disappointment and resentment settled back around my shoulders. I found excuses not to be home, and yet found myself there more often then I ever wanted to be. The trio made some parts of my life a living hell, and it bled into the parts they hadn't touched directly. I wasn't sure I could control myself to talk about other things, but I don't care anymore. I'm done pretending that everything was wonderful when parts of it were a bit harrowing. I'm not bashing Ireland, really if you have the chance to go, go. Just don't live with the girls (or others like them) I lived with. Someday I'll tell you stories, for now I'm going to try to drop it.

Yes, but the point?! Ireland was a truly unique experience, the highs were so very very high, and the lows were so very very low. I got used to talking to people and want to continue to do so. I also got used to that feeling that comes with travel and exploring new places. Actually, addicted to it would be a better word. I do know how to control it though. Small day trips to places I haven't been before or chances to better explore places I over look all the time keep me from feeling stifled and stir crazy. I'm hoping to get to some of the places in the states where I've always wanted to go. Da and I are making potential plans to go to Salem at some point, and I'm hoping for day trips to AC and New Hope, maybe Lancaster, or Philly if I can work it out. I'd even settle for going back to NYC for a day. So I have options. Lots and lots of options. There'll be more when I get around to either finding or replacing my lost learner's permit (motl), but for now, I'm simply excited that people seem serious about going places with me.

The point!? Mmmm, I'm sorry, what was that dear? The point? You mean the sharp end of a knife or pin? No? Hmmm. The point, the point...the point? Ah yes, the point. But why is the rum gone? "I didn't see any crazy people...but then, I'm from Jersey. I'm used to crazy people." A margarita costs 10 euros. I loved Florence more than Rome and Dun Laoghaire better than Dublin. Lend me your ear and I'll tell you a story. "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio..." Have Kindle, will travel. Oh, and I applied to the University of Glasgow for the fall semester; I'm waiting to hear back about housing and classes, but I think it might actually happen.

THE POINT?!?!?! Oh dear, you're all worked up. Should your face really be that red? Maybe you should calm down....

The point: Life's complicated....welcome to the madness.

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