Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not your average Christmas movie

It's that time of year again. People start thinking about others and what to get them. Sales get steeper and credit card companies start to see dollar signs. And my mother insists on watching as many Lifetime and Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as possible. If I never have to watch another cliche holiday movie it'll be to soon. I've compiled a list of non-traditional Christmas movies for those of you like me, who just want a bit of Christmas in their movie. Here it is:

Leathal Weapon
Bell, Book, and Candle
Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Love Actually
Sleepless in Seattle
The Chronicles of Narnia
Bad Santa
A Christmas Story
Ghostbusters 2
The Holiday
The Lion in Winter
Look Who's Talking Now
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Catch Me If You Can
Jingle All The Way
Life of Brian
You've Got Mail
L. A. Confidential

If none of these makes the holiday blues any more bearable, there's always Christmas episodes for your favorite show. Here's a few of my favorites:

any of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials
Firefly: The Message (not technically Christmas but there's snow and traveling, and gifts)
Warehouse 13: The Greatest Gift & Secret Santa

Enjoy! Be Well!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy almost Turkey Day!

"As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

There's nothing else to say after that. If pressed I could come up with a list of Thanksgiving movies and tv shows the same way I can for other holidays. That said, I never really bother to watch anything else Thanksgiving related intentionally around this time of year.

If you ask anybody old enough to remember WKRP in Cincinnati, you're most likely to hear this phrase in response. If you never watch another episode from this show, you have to watch this one. For me, it is the ultimate Thanksgiving show. Nothing can hold a candle to it. You can watch it here on IMDB or here on Amazon instant video. You can also find it on HULU or the whole first season -including this episode on disc 1- is available on Netflix and Amazon.

Go watch it. That is all. Off you go now. Don't walk, run.

Friday, November 1, 2013

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post...... bring you breaking news....well breaking blog news...okay really it’s just an update about the blog. There’s no mention of knitting or knitterly related things. No talk of cooking or gardening. Or travel or life updates.

I've been making a few changes to the appearance and layout of the blog. I've been doing it slowly and trying to make things clearer and more functional for you the readers. I don’t really know how many people read this blog. The only indicators that there might be people occasionally stumbling by are the number of projects for the baby blanket pattern on Ravelry, and the page view counter on my dashboard. So if you are a regular, or even semi regular reader, say hi at some point. Leave a comment, send me a message, or shoot me an email at teacupsandradios(at)gmail(dot)com That way I’ll know I’m not talking to the walls. I’ll still write even if it turns out that I am talking to the walls, but it’d be nice to hear from you occasionally. I don’t bite, you know...well unless you’re into that kind of thing...

At the top of the column to the right of the blog, there are two very useful tools. The first as you can see is Google Translate. I write in English, but if that's not your native language, you can change the language of the blog to make things easier to read. It won't work on words in images or knitting charts, but it should convert written words and pattern instructions. Below that is a search box. You can search for anything in the blog that you're looking for. Underneath that, but not pictured here, are links for the three most popular blog posts. The list updates every seven days. 

So let’s talk about things that you as readers might want to know. I've added a subscribe by email button and a feed reader subscription option as well. By entering your email in the box and clicking submit, you'll receive updates and posts from T&R in your email automatically. There's only a few options for the feed reader, but remember with most feed readers you can manually add the URL to add this blog to your reader.
 If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there’s a dedicated button for those who want to subscribe using Bloglovin’, and another for those who want a direct link to my Ravelry page. I actually wish more blog and RSS reader platforms offered spiffy buttons. If you know of other buttons or something similar for other readers, please let me know.

I have also set up a blog subscription page for Amazon kindle. If you follow this link, you can have the blog delivered straight to your kindle for a small monthly fee. (If you’re a kindle user, you can also install a button on your browser to send articles or pages directly to your kindle to read later.) I haven't been able to figure out if there's a way to do something similar for the NOOK. If you know of a way, please let me knowThere are also apps for phones and tablets and some e-readers that are rss readers. Some are free and some are not, but most of them will keep you updated on the blogs you follow for free. Again it’s a matter of personal preference so take the time to figure out what works for you.

Also on the right side of the blog, I've added a collection of links. As you can see, there's links for my Ravelry profile, Pinterest boards, the Kindle subscription page, the Bloglovin' profile page, and the Contact Me form. From this spot you can access all external pages that link to this blog. All from one spot. They are scattered around the blog in different places, but I wanted there to be one spot where readers can find all of the links. 

I was a hard core Google Reader user for years. I loved it, and I’m sad that they’re getting rid of it. I tried several different readers before I found one I was comfortable with. I've settled with Feedly for now. It works best for me, but that doesn't mean that everybody will like it, so please let me know if you have a different preference so I can do my best to make sure there’s an option for it.

At the bottom of each post are a set of buttons for sharing posts on various social media and websites or through your own email. That way, if you like a picture I posted, want to share a story, want to look at something later, or find something I said interesting or witty or even down right stupid, you can share it right from the post, without having to open multiple windows. They are a few that I thought were more likely choices that have buttons down on the page, but if there’s another resource you want to use to share, ways to read there’s a green button all the way to the left that if you click will give you more options.

Lastly, you’re always welcome to leave comments on posts or on my Ravelry pages if its knitting related. However, if you’d like to talk to me directly about something or even just don’t want what you have to say to be public, I've added a Contract Me page through which you can contact me directly. You can also email me at teacupsandradios(at)gmail(dot)com. Feel free to ask what ever questions you have, make remarks, offer suggestions and requests or just tell me you hate my guts. I’ll read and respond as best I can to all but that last one. Okay if you decide to tell me you hate my guts there might be some response, but not one to be spoken of in polite society, so well just not count it okay?

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Anybody out there?